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One of the biggest influences on Gothic fashion has been the imagery in Gothic literature and their movie counterparts. 

Especially that of Victorian writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelly, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wylde, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, and many many more authors from before and after their time. Many authors aspire to be like the authors I mentioned and some even write in their time period and try to remain historically accurate in their fiction writing. 

Victorian fashions such as corsets, lace, frock coats and pale skin are popular to Victorian Goths. Like their Victorian role models, the Victorian Goths wish to convey an image of decorum and dignity. Clothes must be smart and, for many, historically accurate (corsets are to be worn beneath one’s garments, of course). Ball dress and mourning garb are particularly prominent in the scene. 

Victorian Goths may also indulge in activities that were popular in Victorian high society, including theatre, masquerades, tea parties and poetry. And, naturally, any kind of Dickensian or other Victorian festival that gives them an excuse to parade around in costume (not that they need an excuse). 

Victorian Goths may also enjoy going to Renfairs, where they can pretend to be part of Victorian society, do activities, find new cloths and accessories for their outfits. 

As for music, opera and classical are the true Victorian Gothic genres, but Victorian-inspired bands such as Rasputina are also acceptable. I would also say that Metal-Opera is acceptable. Yes there is such a thing. Metal is actually heavily inspired by classical music. 

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