Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 “The Spoils of War” Recap

The episode starts off with the Lannister army marching back from High Garden. Remember at the end of episode 3 “The Queens Justice” The Lannister army defeated the Tyrell army and captured high garden. Jamie is very upset as the previous episode Lady Olenna before she died from poison revealed that she was the one who killed King Joffrey. Joffrey was also Jamie and Cersei illegitimate child so Jamie has a right to be upset. Bronn of the Blackwater keeps asking Jamie why he is so upset. 

We then cut back to Kinglanding where Tycho Nestoris (who represents the Iron bank) and Cersei are having a conversation. Remember the crown owes the iron bank quite a bit of money and Cersei is paying it off right away. Tycho is saying how Cersei may be even more efficient then her father Tywin Lannister. Tycho and Cersei then talk about how the Iron Bank can help Cersei. This is important that Cersie says “I need to expand my armys my navys my hand Qyburn has made overtures to the Golden Company in Essos” The Golden Company is basically a sellsword company they are one of the largest in the free world they have quite a reputation for never breaking a contract.  So when Cersei says this line it may be a huge foreshadowing “I too would like them to recover some things that belong to me to” 

We the cut to the Valyrian Steel dagger we saw this dagger earlier in the season while Sam was at Old Town reading a book. Little Finger gives the dagger to Bran Stark. Remember back in Season 1 it was used by a Catspaw to try and kill Bran Stark. Little Finger then tries to manipulate Bran which does work. Bran ask who did this belong to which is fair question and one we may never know. Bran then quote something Little Finger had said while speaking the Varys back in Season 3 he says “Chaos is a Ladder.” Little Finger is very uneasy after that Meera Reed tells Bran she is leaving. That she needs to be with her family when the White Walkers come. Meera and Bran have an emotional scene where Bran says “I’m not really not anymore. I remember what it felt like to be Brandon Stark, but I remember so much else now “My question now is has who less of a soul now Arya or Bran? 

Speaking of Arya she has just arrived at Winterfell. She has not been home since Season 1 so this is a big deal. She tries to get into the Castle and it is almost a call back to Season 1 when the guards would not let her in the Castle. It was very well done. Arya then escapes from the guards as they argue who will tell Sansa about this “Winter Town girl” Sansa the heads to the crypts of Winterfell. Where Arya is starring at a status of her father Ned Stark. Sansa walks down see Arya her first words are “Do I have to call you Lady Stark now?” Sansa then hugs Arya. They talk for a bit and then Sansa tells Arya “Brans home too.” 

Sansa then takes Arya to Bran. Arya then hugs Bran. Aww the Pack is almost all back together accept Rickon, Ned, Rob and Catelyn to soon? Bran then tells Arya he saw her at the crossroads. He tell her he thought she might go to Kingsland because Cersei is on your list. Sansa then asks who else is on your list she tells Sansa most of them are already dead. Bran then gives the Valyrian Steel dagger Little Finger gave to him to Arya. Arya Sansa and Bran then walk back into the Castle. First time these 3 have been together since the early parts of Season 1. Podrick tells Brienne of Tarth Catelyn Stark would be proud you kept your vow. Remember Brienne vowed to keep the Stark Children safe, and here are 3 of the 5 Stark children safe in Winterfell I would have to agree with Podrick. Catelyn would be very proud indeed. 


We then cut to Dragonstone Daenerys and Missandei heading down to meet with Jon Snow. Missandei asks if there was any word from the unsullied. Daenerys asks what happened between Greyworm and her. Missandei reply’s many things and smiles. Jon takes Daenerys down to where the dragonglass is. It is a wonderful sight Daenerys is almost taken back by it. Jon tells Daenerys there is something else I need to show you. Its drawing the Children of the Forest carved long time ago. Jon explains how the children of the Forest and the First men where at Dragonstone together. Jon then says “They fought together against their common enemy. Despite their differences, despite their suspicions. Together. We need to do the same if were going to survive. Because the enemy is real. It’s always been real.” Daenerys tells Jon she will fight for the North and for him once he bends the knee. She is really on this whole bend the knee thing isn’t she. Jon and Daenerys then leave the cave after an intimate moment. 

As they leave the cave they are greeted by Tyrion and Varys they tell her the unsullied have taken Casterly Rock. Then they tell her about Euron destroying the fleet. Daenerys is upset tells Tyrion your plan has lost us Dorne, The Iron Islands and the Reach.  Daenerys then asks Jon what he thinks she should do.  Jon says “I never thought that dragons would exist again. No one did. The people who follow you know that you made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that you can make other impossible things happen. Build a world that’s different from the Sh#t one they’ve always known. But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.” 

We then cut back to Winterfell with Podrick and Brienne of Tarth sparing. Arya then appears and says “don’t fight someone like her in the 1st place” Brienne and Arya then start to train. Arya with about 2 moves beats Brienne with ease. They continue Arya continues to impress with each move. After they finish Brienne asks who taught you how to do that. A girl reply’s no one. 


We cut back to Dragonstone Jon and Davos are talking and Davos tell Jon he sees how he has been looking at Daenerys. They talk with Missandei about Daenerys as a ruler it’s a pretty interesting conversation. Then que the bell of a Greyjoy ship. Theon and some men return to Dragonstone. Theon looks as if he has seen a ghost as he looks at Jon. Theon ask if Sansa is alright. Jon Grabs Theon and tells him “what you did for her, is the only reason I’m not killing you.” Theon wanted to ask the Queen for help to get Yara back but Jon tells him the Queen is gone. 

We cut back to the Lannister army. Randyll Tarly tells Jamie all the gold is safely through the gates of Kingslanding. Then come maybe the most comical scene in the entire episode. Watch the exchange below. 


As they are speaking with Dickon Bronn and Jamie hear horses in the distance. The Lannister army start to prepare for an attack. The Dothraki come in charging like a horde of mad men. The Lannister men get there spears out ready for the attack. Bronn tells Jamie to get back to Kingslanding Jamie tell Bronn we can hold them off. Next thing you heard the roar of one Drogon. This has be one of the greatest scene in the Season so far and in the entire series in general. Daenerys as she rides Drogon she yells dracarys, which in high valyrin means dragon fire. Drogon burns Lannister soldiers you truly get to see what kind of damage the dragons can do.  This scene was very well shot. Below they show you how this sequence was shot. 


The Dothraki come through the fire and start to wipe out the Lannister soldiers. What makes the even better is we see the Dothraki while riding their horses jump up and stand on the horse and shot a crossbow, this just show how the Dothraki and masters of Horses. It was really well shot and very cool to watch. Drogon and Daenerys blow up most of the Lannister supplies and weapons it was really done well. Jamie, Bronn and Dickon are the main focus while the battle is going on. This is the 1st time we see Jamie in a battle where he is looking around and is almost helpless. Jamie tries to hit Drogon with a bunch of archer arrows but it doesn’t even seem to effect Drogon.  Men are burning left and right its pure fire and blood and destruction.  Jamie send Bronn to use the weapon Qyburn made to defeat the dragons.  Bronn makes it to the weapon and kills a Dothraki with the weapon as well. Bronns 1st attempt misses Drogon. As Tyrion watches the battle from a hilltop. Bronn hits Drogon with his 2nd shot it hits Drogon right in the upper shoulder. Drogon seems injured but doesn’t crash he fly’s right up to the weapon and destroys it. As Bronn nearly escapes becoming a fried Blackwater. That can’t taste good. Drogons then lands and Daenerys tries to pull the spear out of Drogons shoulder. Jamie see this. He also see a spear on the battlefield as well. Tyrion see this and says “Flee you idiot. You idiot you Insert swear word here idiot” Right as Jamie gets close Drogon protect Daenerys and almost fires Jamie Lannister alive but before that Someone knocks Jamie off his house and into the water. Episode ends as Jamie is sinking in the water. 


My reaction what an episode. You had so much going on in this episode. From Arya returning to Winterfell and reuniting with Bran and Sansa. To Bran giving her the Valyrian Dagger. Her awesome spare with Brienne. Also the Jon and Dany stuff was very good you can see them starting to build chemistry. Also Dany seems to believe that White Walkers do exist. She is really on this bend the knee thing though. Theon and Jon scene was good as well. Dany and Drogon stole the show with that fight it was awesome and well done. I wonder where do you from here can anything top what we just saw. 

Predictions for next episode 

-          Jamie and Bronn will get captured by Daenerys 

-          Tyrion will try to talk Daenerys out of becoming like her father 

-          Jon will get news from Winterfell 

-          Qyburn and Cersei buy an army from the Golden Company in Essos 

-          Jon will prepare for a battle at Eastwatch 


Until next time as always is it Sunday Yet!


By Joe Zalewski

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