Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 6 recap “Beyond the Wall”

This episode starts at Dragon Stone as you see the map table as the camera pans North we then cut to the group in the North. Must say first time seeing this I didn’t get it until I watched it back very well done transition.  We got some really cool scenery in this episode. It’s almost as if the Winter itself has almost a character in the show.  We then cut to the group we have a lot of interesting dynamics in this group.  Gendry, Jon Snow and Tormund have a funny interaction. Remember Gendry has been in Kingslanding and up South all his life. So snow and Winter are completely new to him. He asks Tormund how they stay warm in the North. Tormund reply’s “ You got to keep moving. That’s the secret. Walking’s good, Fighting’s better, Fucking’s best.”  Jon mentions there not any women within one hundred miles. Tormund reply’s we have to make do with what we got. This is funny if you understand it. Remember Tormund has said before that he has had sex with a bear he called Sheila. So that was a quick reference to that. Tormund and Jon then talk about Daenerys. Jon said she will only help if he bends the knee. Tormund then reminds Jon about Mance Rayder and how many of his people died for his pride. Remember Mance Rayder would not kneel before Stannis Baratheon and died for it. We then cut to Gendry and Thoros of Myr, Beric and the Hound.  Gendry is still upset that they sold him to Melisandre. The Hound then tell Genery it could have been worse. They didn’t kill you so what are you whinging about. The Hound then tells us what whinging is he says “Your lips are moving and you’re complaining about something. That’s whinging.” He then say Beric been killed six times you don’t hear him complaining about it. We then cut to Jon Snow and Jorah. This is something a lot of fans have wanted to see for a while. Remember Jon Snow sword Longclaw was given to Jon by Jorah’s father Jeor Mormont and the sword was meant to be given to Jorah. But he gave it to Jon Snow when he was commander of the night watch, because Jorah dishonored his house. Jon and Jorah both talk about their fathers. It’s a really cool scene. Jon then pulls Jorah aside. Jon then offers Longclaw to Jorah. Jorah looks at longclaw and says “He gave it to you. I brought shame onto my house. I broke my father’s heart. I forfeited the right to claim this sword.  It’s yours. May is serve you well and your children after you.” So in that short period of time we got a lot of really cool interactions between these characters.  Cut to Winterfell. Arya and Sansa are up in the balcony looking down. Arya shares a really cool story about their father Ned Stark. About how one time the boys where shooting arrows. Bran left his bow out and Arya found it with one arrow and was trying to hit the target she missed about 20 or 50 times she couldn’t remember but finally she hit the bull eye. She then hears Ned clapping from atop where they were now standing. She then goes into how he is now dead killed by the Lannisters with Sansa helps. Arya then reads the note she found in littlefingers room in the previous episode. Arya then continues to blame Sansa for what she wrote in the scroll.  Sansa then goes for the power move how she is the reason they are standing in Winterfell that she won the battle of the bastards not Jon. Sansa is clearly worried who Arya will show the scroll to. 

We cut back to Beyond the Wall. We get a rare interaction between the Hound and Tormund. The get to talking about Gingers Tormund says they are kissed by fire just like you.  Tormund then gets to talking about Brienne of Tarth. “Yellow hair, Blue eyes, and the tallest women you’ve ever seen. Almost as tall as you.” They then continue to talk as they walk. We then cut to Beric and Jon. Beric makes the comment you don’t look like your father. This seems like another foreshadow about how Jon will find out he is not a stark. Beric and Jon have one thing in common both have died and been brought back they talk about it. Beris says “We can defend those who can’t defend themselves.” Jon says “ I am the shield that guard the realms of men.” In really like this interaction I feel there was more to this interaction then we know right now. The men continue to walk until the Hound looks at a Mountain and says “That’s what I saw in the fire. A mountain like an arrowhead.” This ironically looks to be the same mountain where the children of the forest created the first white walker as well. It’s a signal they are getting close. We cut to Dragonstone to Daenerys and Tyrion talking. Daenerys is venting how she can’t stand heroes like Drogo, Jorah, Daario even this Jon Snow. Tyrion then points out all these heroes you named have fallen in love with you. Daenerys is quick to point out Jon Snow is not in love with me. Tyrion goes oh yes he stares at you longingly because he’s hopeful for a successful military alliance.  They then start to talk about Cersei. They also start to talk about the line of succession. Daenerys seems very upset that Tyrion wants to talk about this now. She tell him they will discuss this after I wear the crown. It seems like since Cersei talked about her being pregnant that children and being brought up quite a bit now.  We cut back to beyond the wall were they seem to get caught in a winter storm. They are attacked by a White Polar Bear. Odd Tormund seemed to reference a bear earlier in the episode. The polar bear kills one of the men. The Bear throws a few of the men around breaking the circle they had formed. Thoros and Beric flame their swords because they can do that. Thoros gets attacked and thrown and seems to be injured. Beric hits the bear with the fire sword but doesn’t kill the beast. The Hound stand still as remember the Hound hates fire and here comes a Polar bear on fire. Heading towards him.  Thoros gets up and tries to fight of the beast.  Tormund hits the beast and is then thrown back. Thoros is nearly killed until Jorah stabs the bear and he goes down for good. Thoros is badly injured. Thoros asks for his flask drinks. Then Beric with his flaming sword heals the wound with his flaming sword. Thoros gets up as they head onward. 


We cut back to Winterfell. With Sansa talking with Little Finger about the note Arya found. Sansa is afraid if the North lords see this note they will abandon the North and Jon will lose his army. Little Finger once again tried to manipulate Sansa. Little Finger suggest that maybe Lady Brienne can help. We cut back to beyond the wall. Then as the men are walking they hear the sound of metal clanking.  They look down and see a small group of undead and one White Walker. Jon and his group set a trap for the undead they light a fire. As the White and his group look up Jon’s group comes up and sneak attacks catching them by surprise. Jon kills the White and all the dead but one die. They capture the wight. Not before he can call for the rest of the army of the dead. Before the army of the dead arrive Jon goes up to Gendry and tells him run back to eastwatch send a raven to Daenerys and tell her what has happened. Gendry then sprints toward Eastwatch. As they run away from the army of the dead the ice starts to crack. They make it to an ice hill in the center. As the dead race after them some of them crack the ice and fall into the water. Now the problem is they are on this ice hill surrounded on all sides by the army of the dead.  We cut to Gendry as he makes it to Eastwatch. We cut back to Jon and friends it is now night time and they are still stuck on the ice hill. Gendry then falls right outside Eastwatch. Ser Davos comes out. He asked what happened Gendry tells him they need to send a raven. Davos tells them to get the maester now. It is now day time they are still on the ice hill so they have been there for almost what seems like 24 hours its unclear how much time has actually passed. The Hound gets up and kicks the wight they capture the rest of the wight seem to get angry once this happens. Beric looks on the ground and Thoros has not moved he passed away and is completely frozen. Jon tells them they have to burn Thoros body and Beric lights his sword and they burn to body.  Jorah and Jon talk “when you killed the white Walker all the dead who followed it fell” Could this be foreshadowing in the future is that the way to stop the army of the dead? The groups talk about how if you kill the Night King all the rest will fall. Jon tells them no we need to get the capture wight out of here. We cut back to Winterfell as Sansa receives a Raven from kingslanding. Sansa tells Brienne she will represent Sansa in Winterfell. Sansa won’t step in Kingslanding as long as Cersei is Queen. Its understandable Starks don’t have the best luck when going South. Brienne tells Sansa it’s not safe to leave you with Little Finger. She says I have more guards who would have no problem stopping Little Finger. She tell Brienne it’s a long road to Winterfell that she is not traveling on summer roads you should leave now to make it on time. We cut back to Dragonstone where we see all the dragons on a cliff. Tyrion tries to convince Daenerys that going beyond the wall is a bad idea. Daenerys says you told me to do nothing once I won’t do nothing again. She and the 3 dragons take off for beyond the wall. We cut back to beyond the wall with Jon’s group.  The Hound is clearly bored he throws a rock it hits one of the undead and knock off his jaw. He throw’s another rock it missed but shows the dead that the ice is completely frozen now and safe to walk on. The hound is clearly that ine dumb friends everyone has. Anyway the dead are now coming the battle is underway. The wighs out number them the do their best to fight off the dead. Tormund almost dies but is saved. Right as it seems like all hope is lost. Daenerys comes in with her three dragons. Last time we have seen all three dragons used was at the battle of slavers bay now known as dragon’s bay. Anyway the dragons burns the heck of out of all the dead. They destroy a good amount of the dead. Drogon lands right next to Jon and his group. Right as Jon is about to grab on and get on Drogon he sees the only way everyone can get on is if he fights of the dead coming for Drogon. As Jon is fighting the wights off everyone manages t get on Drogon along with the wight they captured. One of the White Walkers grabs a spear and hands it to the Night King. He see Viserion flying and throws the ice spear. It hits him dead on and kills him right away. He crashes down into the ice and sinks below the water. 


Everyone is devastated Jon see th Night King grab another spear tells Daenerys to leave. As Jon is fighting off the dead 2 hit him and he sinks into the water. Daenerys see the Night King is coming for Drogon. She takes off he throws the spear and misses. Jon climbs out of the water where he feel. Jon stand up and is ready to take on the rest of the dead. The dead start rushing Jon until Cold Hands aka Benjen Stark uses his flame thing. He starts hitting the dead on the way to Jon on his horse. He tells Jon ride for the pass Jon asks Benjen to come with him he says there is no time and Benjen dies fighting off the dead allowing Jon to escape. We cut back to Eastwatch the hound is loading up the wight they capture to take to Kingslanding.  We cut to Daenerys up top waiting for Jon Snow. Right as Daenerys turns around Jon Snows horse arrives at Eastwatch. We cut to everyone on Daenerys ship. They all look to warm up Jon as he is almost frozen. During this time Daenerys sees all the scars from when Jon got stabbed and died. We cut back to Winterfell and Sansa in Arya’s room she is clearly looking for that note. Instead she kinds a bag of faces that would be enough to creep anyone out. As she finds the faces Arya pops up behind Sansa. Arya explains what a faceless man is kind of. Arya begins to play the faceless game with Sansa. Arya grabs the catspaw dagger goes up to Sansa and hand it to her and walks out. We cut back to Jon Snow as he wakes to Daenerys right by his bedside. Jon start by apologizing Daenerys is heartbroken. Daenerys explains how the dragons are her children and how they are the only children she will ever have.  Daenerys then promises “We are going to destroy the Night King and his army. And well do it together. You have my word.” Jon then calls Daenerys Dany she is taken back and can’t remember the last person who called her that. Jon then says “All right. Not “Dany.” How about “My Queen”? Jon then says he would bend the knee but he can’t. Daenerys even ask what about those who swore allegiance to you? It’s a really cool scene you can tell these two are starting to fall for each other. 

We cut back to beyond the wall the dead with giant chains. They are pulling Viserion out of the water where he fell after he died. The Night King walks up to him touches him. His eye opens and its pure Blue. End of episode. 



Reaction what an episode the time pacing was very off. The Fight scenes and Dragon scene were fantastic. The Sansa and Arya stuff was so confusing what is Arya’s motivation? Overall I would say its about8/10 for me. Until Next time as always is it Sunday yet?


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    Everyone is devastated Jon see th Night King grab another spear tells Daenerys to leave Laura Lee Subscriber Count

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