Season 7 episode 7 preview

It’s hard to believe Season 7 is coming to a close. It seemed like just yesterday Arya was killing House Frey. But alas we are heading into the final act in Season 7. The preview for Episode 7 gives me chills. If you have not seen it you can see it below. 


Now after seeing this and what has happened so far there are a few thing you should be on the watch to happen in the Season finale. First is this episode title is called “The Dragon and The Wolf.” So my guess is it would mean that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be a main focus of this episode. Also will we find out about Jon Snow lineage, remember to this point Jon has no idea about who his true parents are. With the title of the episode you would have to think Jon finds out he is a Targaryen. If that does happen how will Daenerys react to the news? This episode seems to be focused around this meeting at the Dragons pit. You will have some reunions we have not seen in a while. Jon and Jamie, Cersei and Tyrion, Jon and Cersei, Jamie and Brienne. Also this will be the first time Daenerys and Cersei will be together in the same room or pit in this case. Also will we see the Hound vs the Mountain In trailers for the season we have seen clips of what looks like the Hound in the dragons pit my guess is since Cersei will be there the Mountain will not be far behind. So will we finally see the cleganebowl? Also how will everyone react to the Wight that was captured last episode? We also saw the unsullied, dothraki along with Eurons fleet. So there is a ton of military forces coming to Kingslanding for this meeting. Will Cersei or Tyrion lay a trap and will it work and if so what will the trap be? Also back at Winterfell last episode Arya gave Sansa the Catspaw Dagger. Could this means Sansa will be the one to kill Littler Finger? Also it seems like this is almost a must. We look back to earlier in the season where Sam and Archmaester Ebrose have a conversation about the wall Ebrose said “The Wall has stood through it all. And every winter that has ever came has ended.” I feel this will be the last scene of the Season will be the wall come crashing down. Everyone at Castle Black will die. I also feel like a reanimated Viserion could be the main reason the wall comes down. So there are quite a bit of questions that need to be answered. Also just to note this episode will be the longest episode to date. The Finale will be about 81 minutes long. Either way I can’t wait to watch the Finale on Sunday. Comment below and let us know what do you think will happen in the season 7 Finale.


By Joe Zalewski

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