The Working World Goth

Goths that have Day jobs that require a different taste in attire: 

·       Police Officer 

·       Postal Service 

·       Armed Forces 

·       Fast Food Service 

·       Bank 

·       Security 

·       Secretary 

·       Office Employee 

·       Retail 

·       Maid Services 

·       Receptionist 

There are countless jobs that would fit in this description. There are fewer jobs that allow the Goth attire than there are that don’t. 

I’ve only listed a few examples of jobs a Goth can hold, that one wouldn’t have a clue that the person behind the desk, uniform, etc…would be a Goth during their hours outside of work. 

But how does this concept work exactly? 

Let me explain it from my point of view! I was in the U.S. Army from 2005 – 2013, and just because I was in the Army don’t mean I automatically turned into a normal citizen overnight. Oh no, I was still my Goth self, just when I was at work I appeared differently than during my off time. My alone time, my time away from being Soldier… But Jessica, when you’re a soldier, are you not a soldier 24/7/365? 

Yes and No. We do have times when we are not required to wear the uniform, and during those times I can be myself 

Also during that period of time, I had separated my life outside of work from my coworkers because I didn’t want to be judged by them or to be sexualized by them. 

Honestly, there were very few Goths in the Army, but there were a few of us…and some of them were in higher ranks than me, we weren’t in the same social circles so we hardly ever talked but at least we didn’t feel alone. 

I think the best time I had was when my Sergeant came by and saw me in a blue wig and he had to do a couple double takes before he realized it was me. He tried to scold me about dying my hair before he realized it was a wig. 

That is something I always liked about being Goth, was being different than everyone else and being able to express it through the way I presented myself. So whenever I had time off and I wasn’t exhausted beyond my years, I would dress up and walk around Walmart. 

Yep, that’s right Walmart was the only place to go in the sh-ty town outside the base, because there was no mall. Walmart was the mall. 

The point I am making is that… you as a Goth, can have any type of job you want. You are not limited to what jobs allow you to wear what you want to wear, unless, you want to be limited to those types of jobs. 

You just have to be disciplined enough to dress professionally at work, keep your outside of work private and maintain professionalism.  If you are not in a job that has a definitive uniform and requirements you can always add a dash of Goth to your business attire in the forms of simple things: 

·       Tie 

·       Tie Clip 

·       Purse 

·       Broach 

·       Hair Pin 

·       Light make up (eye liner) 

·       Streak of color in your hair 

·       Nail Polish 

·       Lunch Pail 

·       Key Ring 

·       Inside of your Jacket can be Skulls 

·       Jewelry 

·       Shoes 

You can likely accent any outfit and make it a flavor of Goth, unfortunately you won’t be allowed if you are a Police officer, Security or in the Army unless that business is a Gothic Business like the one in my fictional novel I’m working on…the entire world is Goth: Coffee Shop, Internet Service Providers, everything. Mainstream is what makes people scream…not really but Goth is more prominent in the world I created versus the world we actually live in. 

Hope you Catch you Next Time on my show Unveiling the Obscurities: A Talk Show about the Goth Subculture on Tuesdays at 2pm CST!

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