Days of the Dead



DAYS OF THE DEAD returns to the Chicagoland for it's 6th year and is bringing a full weekend of celebrity guests, film screenings, vendors, and special events, with it! 

Celebrity guests include FAIRUZA BALK (The Craft)…

Zombies vs. Vampires Pub Crawl

On Oct 21st starting at  4pm 

Across the nation Zombies are attacking. The Vampire council won’t stand for it. Vampires will fight back. The time has come to unleash the Vampires and bring forth the first pub crawl…

The Chicago Ghost Conference


900 Doors open. Vendors Open. 
9:15 Welcome from MC David Schrader! 
9:30 Scott Gruenwald: How Not to Die on a Paranormal Investigation 
10:30 Rev. Tim Shaw: What’s Really on…


Pastel Goth/Kawaii Goth

Pastel goth is all about mixing the pretty with the pretty tough. 

Soft shades + dark makeup = perfection. 

Your makeup should be dark. But there’s no reason the case can’t be covered in unicorns. 

But you…


The Working World Goth

Goths that have Day jobs that require a different taste in attire: 

·       Police Officer 

·       Postal Service 

·       Armed Forces 

·       Fast Food Service 

·       Bank 

·       Security 

·       Secretary 




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The Dictionary Defines Steampunk as: 

a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. 

“if you…


Review Heavy red

I only ordered 2 things from Heavy Red mainly because they are a bit on the high end of pricey $$$$! I decided since I had bad luck with some 2X sizes I was jumping to 3X. Well it fits…


Season 7 episode 7 preview

It’s hard to believe Season 7 is coming to a close. It seemed like just yesterday Arya was killing House Frey. But alas we are heading into the final act in Season 7. The preview for Episode 7 gives me…