Hi my name is Jacob Holycross, and I have been attending IMS for roughly 5 months now. I never thought much about entering the broadcasting realm before I came to IMS but when I visited it really seemed like a great way to tie my passion for music, sports and now even video games all together into one fulfilling career in the future. I have learned a lot here at IMS from how to record and edit those recordings on adobe audition all the way to setting up the tri-caster and shooting in front of the green screen so that we could place ourselves in a different place. This show gives me the chance to learn how to schedule and plan a show and learn how to sound on air while being able to talk about my passion video games. It also gives me a chance to work with the Sam broadcaster and get a feel for how live radio shows work. I feel like I can give good well rounded information about video games and present it in a fun and interesting way. I can’t wait to get started bringing people the most relevant in the video game world.

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