My name is Matthew Brodie and, as far back as I can remember, I've been a geek.

(Hi Matt)

I've always loved the Geek culture. My family has always loved the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, so of course I picked it up along the way. At seven years old I was introduced to the Star Trek universe via a convention that my grandmother took me to, and I instantly fell in love. The costumes that people wore and just the sheer passion that they had for the show really hooked me.


Then I discovered video games. It was all downhill from there.


I played every game I could get my hands on, every system we could afford to buy. My friends and I would waste hours just going over the subtleties of the different games we played, which ones were better, and what truly made a good game. That's a tradition that has carried on into my adult life, though I'd like to think the conversations are a little more intelligent than they used to be.


That's what led me to starting up Geek Speek. It's a show where we can talk about all those things and more. An outlet for all the geekiness that would explode if we didn't talk about it. J


Join us?

IT's Coming! 

September 8th is right around the corner, and with it comes the highly anticipated (at least to this guy) release of IT. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the 1990 miniseries, but it was definitely lacking in the straight horror department. Tim Curry was amazing with the material he was given, but there was just too much humor in it. I didn’t feel the terror oozing out of the screen like i did off the pages of the book. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the costume for the new Pennywise. I can’t pinpoint exactly what i don’t like about it, but there’s something there. Hopefully that is the only complaint I have with the movie. Considering how big of a fan of IT i am, as well as Stephen King in general, i don’t think that will be the case. There’s no such thing as a perfect book to screen adaptation, but I think this one will satisfy me. 

We've been treated to some footage of the kids in action, and some quite terrifying scenes via official trailers, but I refuse to pass judgement on this movie until I get the chance to actually watch it.


-Matt Brodie

Will Bioware's new IP remove the bad taste that was left in the moths of gamers after the disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda? 

So far, the answer is a resounding yes. Saturday, June 10th marked the release of the first trailer for Anthem, the new original game from Mass Effect creative studio Bioware. This trailer came with a cost though, we got a promise that we would see gameplay during Microsoft's press conference 24 hours later. 

And, oh boy, did we get it. 

I can't lie, I'm a bit of a Bioware fanboy. I haven't played a game from them that i didn't enjoy. When I saw the Bioware logo appear on the screen, my eyes lit up. From what footage they showed at E3 on Sunday, it looks like we're in for quite the multiplayer treat. 

Too bad we have to wait til next year to find out.

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