Hi! My name is Anthony Sparks, but I tell everyone just to call me Sparks. I’m 20 years old , and some of my hobbies include hanging out with friends, Haunting, I LOVE HAUNTING, and editing. I love to edit.  Haunting is one of my favorite things to do and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’ve been doing Media for about the past 5 years now. I love the media world and i love being apart of IMS and this program. My co-host Leezy is a great guy. We met back in 7th grade and somehow ended up going to IMS together. Now here we are doing a show together. We want to bring an out to reality and just hope you enjoy listening to us talk! Tune into Evolution Pop every Tuesday from 4-5 to check us out!


My name is Liam O’Connor, but I’m better known around Illinois Media School as “DJ Leezy”. If you ever came to the school, you’d know I entered a room by hearing at least one person yelling “DJ LEEZY!” I’ve been at Illinois Media School since September 2018, and have felt at home from day one. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer of some kind, and this school has allowed me to begin paving that path in a fun, yet productive way. My co-host Anthony Sparks and I have actually known each other for around eight years, but honestly barely know each other. When we found out we were attending the same school, we decided we must have a show together. You can listen to our friendship blossom on The Sparks and Leezy Show, Tuesday’s at 4-5 pm on here! We hope you enjoy listening to us!

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