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I only ordered 2 things from Heavy Red mainly because they are a bit on the high end of pricey $$$$! I decided since I had bad luck with some 2X sizes I was jumping to 3X. Well it fits. A little on the bigger side (whoops at least its not too small). I wore it the day I got it and went out to chili's. The first person who saw me "OMG I LOVE YOUR DRESS," so the dress is simply amazing and comfortable. I love when things are stylish as well as comfortable. 


What I love about Heavy Red, is that they describe their clothing so eloquently: 

"For times when what you feel can not be expressed in words. This dress will help to illustrate what you are feeling with its motion, layers and graceful darkness. 
A black crinkle chiffon dress, with a perfectly fitting bodice & gathered strap overlay. 
The center loop has a tie which can be tied in a bow or left loose. 
The dress has 8 bodice panels which allow for a wonderful fit. 
All shoulder straps are adjustable, to accommodate small to buxom busts. 
The torso of the dress is adorned with piping in a diamond pattern. 
The exaggerated skirt is 3 layers of asymmetric gathered hems, with bias inserts detailing the edges of the dress. 

The skirt has 4 floating straps which can be tied to shorten one side, creating swags. 
The back has a corset panel to tailor the fit. The dress is fully lined black satin." -Heavy Red 

I have yet to wear the other item I purchased, but that's because I need someone to help me get it on. Would rather not poke my dad. Please help me put this corset on,...could you imagine? I mean he was flustered when I asked him to help me to adjust a strap on the dress. because the sleeves are a bit long in some areas (that is mainly where I need to make some adjustments). I realize you like it looks like a tank type dress, but the thinker sleeves are a bit too long for my short shoulders, I was able to make adjustment to the under layer of tank top sleeve part, but the dress's sleeve is a bit too long, which a small adjustment with a sewing kit, and or machine should be able to fix it no problem. I have both. 


Heavy Red Describes: 

"In nights of despair and emptiness, your corset will give you strength and stature. 
The latest creation form Heavy Red Corsetry is inspired by the ribbon corset of the late 1800's. This incredibly flattering and flirtatious. The Nights of Vacivity corset has alternating black and blood red straps which are spaced apart and bound at the front and sides. This allows for a very graphic look where you can show skin or clothing through the bands. The bands are heavy weight satin and are fully lined with no stretch. This corset although modeled after the ribbon corset is a much stronger cinched suitable for cinching and waist reduction. The corset is boned on the front, sides and back panels. The beauty of the steel boning is that it is light in weight while still keeping your body in shape. The bones automatically return to their normal shape once the cincher is removed. This is a very sturdy, beautifully crafted, amazingly fitted corset. The corset comes with a 5 prong busk front closure as well as a 22 grommet closure in the back and a 5" vanity panel in back. Gorgeous over shirts and dresses. Corsetry at its finest." 

I've only owned one other corset before, and I have to say this is very genuine in the look and feel. I can't wait to try it on. I'm pretty sure since the dress was a little big, I will have no issues getting this 3X corset to fit properly. I know without untying the laces and making any adjustments to how it came its too small. So that by far is a good sign. Because if it fit, I'd be in trouble because I wouldn't be able to make it any smaller. If you don't understand the concept of a corset, you must realize it's actually going to squeeze your mid frame to push your tummy in, and in order to do all that it needs be made of reliable material and the fabric portion of the corset cannot be your size or it will look completely wrong when you try to tie it together in the back because you will have overlapping fabric and it may not get as tight as you would like it. 

If you never wore a corset before, you wouldn't know how much work it is to get inside one. I mean you can do it by yourself, but in my experience its best if someone helps you the first time you try on a corset. Because they can see the back better than you can. However, I love the look and feel of one when I wear one. 

Only negative comment I have for corset wearing is its a bit too difficult to drive in one. I know from experience. Trust me, if you want to wear one, you are going to need someone else to drive you because its not comfortable sitting in a car let alone driving one while wearing it. 


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